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God be with us together and apart
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“She seems so cool, so focused, so quiet, yet her eyes remain fixed upon the horizon. You think you know all there is to know about her immediately upon meeting her, but everything you think you know is wrong. Passion flows through her like a river of blood.

She only looked away for a moment, and the mask slipped, and you fell. All your tomorrows start here.”

— Neil Gaiman, Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders (via kushandwizdom)

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I won’t beg someone to love me. I learned long ago that there is no use in hopeless pleas of trying to make someone stay. I am too good to chase someone who does not know my worth and I am too wild to keep waiting for someone who doesn’t acknowledge my value. I want to be loved unconditionally. I shouldn’t have to fight so hard for it. I do not have the time to prove to someone that I am worth it. I shouldn’t have to prove any of that; I am worth more than that.

Ming D. Liu, A Story A Day #138 

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Two childhood friends unexpectedly reunite on opposite sides of a demonstration in 1972

Just imagine the pain…

This is such an amazing photograph

Oh my god ..

Someone write a book

^^ pls



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I think this is the most romantic thing to ever happen to me
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